From Olives to Oil

Artichoke Paste


Mantova Artichoke Paste is a delicious, flavorful spread that can be used for many different dishes. Artichokes are an Italian favorite. The Italian artichoke is sweeter and more flavorful than American varieties. This wonderful artichoke paste makes the earthy flavor and aroma of artichokes available any time of the year. Us as an antipasto, over pasta or rice, as a pizza topping, on open-faced sandwiches, or as part of a delicious party dip.

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  • HEALTHY DIET – All-natural plant-based ingredients offer tons of flavor without cholesterol. Heart-healthy olive oil, Italian artichoke, and herbs combine and complement one another.
  • HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Non-GMO, authentic Italian artichokes, vinegar, and oils.
  • MADE IN ITALY – This Authentic Italian recipe contains a combination of popular foods in the Mediterranean diet to create a flavor you can feel good about craving.
  • PRE-MADE – When you don’t have time to cook an extravagant meal, we’re here to make it easier. A simple pasta dish can be amplified by adding this delicious Italian spread.
  • INGREDIENTS – Artichokes, sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, parsley, salt. Contain sulfites.