From Olives to Oil

Lumaconi Organic Pasta


Mantova Specialty Lumaconi Pasta translates to “Large Snails.” These delicious shapes are great for those who like to stuff their pasta or true sauce lovers who want lots of sauce with each noodle. Pasta—in all its myriad forms— is the unifying link in Italian cuisine. Mantova Italian Organic Lumaconi pasta is made from durum wheat.  Durum wheat has a higher percentage of protein than whole wheat. The result is a texture and bite that really satisfies! Durum lumaconi pasta is known for its impeccable flavor and nutritional value. Durum pasta has a reputation for being the highest quality and most flavorful. This durum wheat is harvested and processed for Mantova Italian Organic Lumaconi pasta from the sunny, fertile soil of Apulia in Southern Italy – a place that is renowned for producing grains that are rich in vitamins and minerals. The culinary trilogy of the Mediterranean Diet is pasta, wine, and olive oil. This power trio is the ultimate trifecta of deliciousness and satiety. The Mediterranean Diet has a foundation of nutritious carbohydrates such as authentic pasta which is made with quality ingredients. A variety of vegetables, lean meats, dairy products, and seafood are used to add flavor and nutrients. The low-carbohydrate craze has been disputed by many dietitians. In truth, healthy carbohydrates play a key role in supplying energy to the human body and brain. Good quality durum wheat pasta, such as Mantova Organic Pasta should have a pleasant scent and a golden-yellowish color that is uniform on the inside when broken.