From Olives to Oil

Olive Paste


Mantova Olive Spread is a classic blend of flavor. Italian antipasto is a great way to add authentic combinations of flavor to simple, delicious recipes. Made to be eaten on crusty grilled or toasted bread, bruschetta toppings impart the perfect combination of savory flavor, smooth texture, and fresh herbs. Whip up a quick meal or eat as a snack paired with your favorite wine.

Black olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt, herbs combine in Mantova Olive Spread – for a savory and salty dip that can liven up a simple pasta dish or a piece of nice bread. This traditional topping probably comes closest to the origins of bruschetta when toasted bread slices were drenched in fresh olive oil at the frantoio, or olive mill. Full of the intense earthy flavor and aroma of fresh olives, this topping is delicious for bruschetta, over pizza, or as a condiment for poultry and seafood dishes.

Buon appetito!