From Olives to Oil

Boscoli Small Olive Salad Jalapeno


An integral part of New Orleans’ world famous cuisine, this mixture of Jalapenos, green and black olives, capers, giardiniera (pickled vegetables) and a blend of herbs and spices, is packaged in a Non-GMO canola oil/Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend. Traditionally served on a New Orleans “Muffuletta” sandwich, it can also be used in salads, pastas, panini or used as a pizza topping.

15.5 oz

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  • 8 oz. Boscoli Family Olive Salad (Italian or Jalapeno)
  • 8 oz. of your favorite cream cheese
  • Vegetables and/or Crackers


Combine 8oz. Boscoli Family Olive Salad (Italian or Jalapeno) with 8oz. of your favorite cream cheese. Remember to drain excess olive oil from olive salad. Place in blender and puree until olive salad and cream cheese have a smooth consistency. Empty contents into serving bowl. Serve with raw vegetables or crackers.